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    We are able to provide you with expert tax advice whilst managing your personal tax and corporate tax affairs. We believe that your long-term goals and needs are just as important as any current tax issue.

    Our clients range from sole-traders and small companies to high net worth individuals and large professional partnerships to multi-national companies.

    By understanding what you want to achieve and how your business works, our tax specialist can provide the sound, efficient tax advice that you need to build the value of your business and protect your assets.

    We are providing following services to individuals and cooperates.

    1- Services for Individuals

    What personal tax service do you need?

    Whether you are simply looking for a personal tax accountant to file your tax return or for one that will assist you throughout the year, SRCA can help in either situation.

    SRCA act for a wide variety of personal tax clients and provide a service personalized to their individual needs.

    You may need to complete a tax return because you have untaxed income, are self employed or are a higher rate taxpayer.

    Our team of advisors aim to be accessible and can be contacted to answer any questions which may arise throughout the year. We aim to provide you with a service which you think represents value for money and would recommend to your friends.

    As part of our service we will ensure that you are using available tax reliefs in the most efficient manner and will help you plan for your future.

    We will also take the worry out of dealing with FBR as we will do this for you.

    Our team of expert can provide you following services,

    • Tax Compliance and Planning.
    • Tax Return Preparation.
    • Personal Income Tax Planning.
    • Estate and Gift Tax Planning.
    • Financial Planning.
    • Tax Services for Pakistan citizens living abroad.

    2- Services for Businesses

    Our Business Team are constantly looking at ways of reducing the taxation charged for businesses and try and maximize the after tax return which entrepreneurs can obtain. Often decisions are complicated because of the interaction of these various taxes and it is trying to plan for the lowest rate obtainable.

    Our team of expert can provide following services to your business,

    • Payroll Tax Return Preparation.
    • Sales Tax Return Preparation.
    • Monthly Withholding Tax Return Preparation.
    • Business Income Tax Return and Planning.
    • Assistance in the selection of accounting methods, legal organization and financial reporting.