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Stock Count and Valuation

    Stock Count and Valuation Services

    At Salman & Raheel Chartered Accountant (SRCA) we have, both in house and out bound resources for your Stock count, valuation and other allied services. Our Aim is to provide quality services to client in a very efficient manner and making easy and possible to perform allied services and keeping control on the organization over all.

    At SRCA we are offering following types of services.

    1- Stock Count Services

    We provide an outsourced stocktaking service across Pakistan where we place teams of professional stocktakers into premises to count your stock in an accurate and efficient manner. Our Prestige Clients do not simply want a valuation of stock, but also they require an accurate stock count.

    We cover multiple industries all over Pakistan. If you have stock at your premise, we have a way to count it effectively for you, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business, thus saving time & money.

    We pride ourselves on accuracy & efficiency when it comes to counting your stock. All our staff are professionally trained so as to ensure to our clients with confidence that their stock is being counted correctly. Our stocktakes are carried out with expertise, planning and very close attention to detail.

    We, at SRCA accurate stock count and its subsequent valuation and transforming figures in ERP/Accounting system is just a click away in very efficient and effective manner.

    2- Valuation of asset

    Valuation of Assets including Land, Building, Machinery, Stocks, Plants, Dairy Farms, Hatcheries & Commodities are the core competency of OUR VALUEVER since its inception in December 1986 being an independent Government approved inspection and PBA approved evaluation firm.

    Our Valuever has carried out approximately over 35,000 jobs ( also overseas) such Industrial plants, Chemical plants, Cement Plants, Sugar Industry, Construction Machinery, Hospitality, Tourism, Commercial transportation, Telecommunication Equipment, Textile Industry, Surgical Equipment, Sports Goods & all types of items related to the industrial sector of Pakistan.

    Our Valuever is reachable and available nation wide and also in United Kingdom to cater with their expertise to its clientele where trust & technical competency is needed. One of the achievements of Our Valuever is to embark on re-assessment of the already evaluated cases and it is required on the request of the borrower or the Government Regulatory body when the project is on the verge of collapse or declared a sick unit.

    Our Valuever has the strong archive of such accomplishments with various financial, industrial and development institutions on their request.

    3- Fixed asset tagging and verification

    SRCA provides superior Fixed Asset Verification & Tagging Services to organizations across all industries as the first step to implement Enterprise Asset Management.

    This helps in knowing exactly what assets you currently have, where these assets are located and how these assets are changing over time, and allows a company to keep track of details of each fixed asset, ensuring control and preventing misappropriation of assets.

    4- Preparing fixed Asset register (FAR)

    Alongside with Valuation SRCA also carries out Coding and Preparation of Fixed Assets Register. Depending on the needs of our clients, we design and prepare Code Systems, carry out coding by either Free Hand ,Cut Stencil, Dymo Printed Stickers, Computerized Stickers or bar Codes. The FAR prepared by SRCA has the following features:

    • Asset description/details
    • Asset unique referencing and subsequent coding(graphic or electronic as per client requirements)
    • Asset location, class and category
    • Asset maintenance cost schedule, report
    • Asset replacement cost
    • Asset breakdown and diary
    • Breakdown report (open query facility)
    • Depreciation details
    • Asset legislation compliance

    Fixed Asset Register prepared by SRCA offers comprehensive, flexible, affordable and user friendly system that works well with automation.