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Accounting services

Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping is the back bone of any organization it’s a key component to building financially successful business, we offer extensive bookkeeping service, our well trained staffprovide systematic recording, reporting and analysis of financial transactions of yourbusiness using fully computerized up to date accounting system.

Finance division outsourcing services

Finance division outsourcing allows any organization to automate and integrate work flow,our Finance division outsourcing services ensure you continuous improvement and moreControl in your accounting and finance operationsit also reduce cost and manual effort inTransactional finance functions so, you can focus on your core competencies.

Management reporting

Management Reports tailor made to the specific management needs of your organization inthe form of divisional reporting, cash flows analysis and other reporting methodologies todive deeper into the financial performance and standing and cash flow positions of theCompany.

Accounting software implementation services

Successful software implementation delivers business efficiencies that benefit your business

We provide planned process of accounting software implementation that includes:

Configuration of accounting Software.

Migrate the data from your old accounting system to the new system.

Provide comprehensive training to your staff.

Provide ongoing support and consultation.

Taxation Services

Our firm offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. We can assist you in the compilation of information and preparation of tax returns in an efficient and timely manner.

Below, we have listed the services that we offer to our clients along with a brief description.

Services for Individuals

Our taxation services ranges from initial registration of tax payer with FBR to providing tax consultations and planning to minimize tax liability and filing of returns and wealth statement. Our tax professionalshave in-depth knowledge of taxation laws to benefit our clients.

Tax Compliance and Planning

Tax planning is forecasting company’s tax liability through the best use of allowances, deductions, concessionsand exemptions within the existing tax regulations and framework. Our experienced tax strategic will guideyou how to lowering the amount of Taxable Income, reduce the tax rate, and maximize tax relief. We providequality tax planning to assist you in:

Tax regulations and laws

Available relief schemes and application procedures

Handle queries and investigations by tax authorities

Tax Return Preparation

We provide services for preparation and filling of:

Income tax Return

Wealth Statement

Foreign income and Assets Statement (under new economic reforms packages


Personal Income Tax Planning

We offer Tax return preparation for Salaried or other than salaried person, Voluntary tax compliance scheme, Preparation of tax computation, Verifying all notices of assessment, Appeals and objections, Tax clearance for non-Pakistani citizens/permanent residents (PRs) employees.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning

Tax Services for Pakistan citizens living abroad

Services for Businesses

We provide business tax services accurately and efficiently we prepare returns for various types of entities including individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts, and non-profit organizations.

Payroll Tax Return Preparation

We offer complete payroll tax preparation to our clients, Our payroll tax filing experts will analyze your payroll tax data, verify tax due dates, handle payment, and provide you payroll tax reporting services.

Sales Tax Return Preparation

We help you to understand and manage your sales tax obligations and prepare sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner. We offer GST Return preparation/ reviewing filling, provincial sales tax return, available GST relief schemes and application procedures, and handling quires and investigations by tax authorities.

Monthly/Quaterly Withholding Tax Return Preparation

We assist our clients to prepare and file monthly Withholding tax deduction statement.

Business Income Tax Return and Planning

Proper tax planning is managing and organizing the investments of any business transactions and minimize the overall tax liabilities within the existing tax regulations and framework,  We provide extensive Income tax return planning, Adjustment of tax credits, tax computation, advise on  assessment issues by tax authorities, appeals and objections.

Corporate and registration services

We provide company registration services for Public Limited Companies, Partnership Business, Sole Proprietors, NGOs, and Welfare. our services include.

Incorporation of Private and public limited company with SECP

We offer services for registration of Private and Public Limited Companies with Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Formation of Association of Partnership (AOP) deed and its registration with Registrar

We prepare Partnership deed/agreement and firm’s name or brand name registration from registrar.

Nonprofit organization formation and registration

We provide Registration services of NGO or NPO under the provision of companies’ ordinance 2017.

NTN Registration: Sole proprietorship/ Partnership-firm/Company

Every business needs to register with FBR and file tax return to become a tax filer toavail lower tax rate on tax deduction by withholding agencies and other various benefits. Wehelp Sole Proprietorship, Partnership-firm and forcompanies to obtain NTN registration and ensure timely submission of returns for availing benefits available to a filer.

Sales Tax registration: Soleproprietorship/ Partnership-firm/Company

Sales tax registration with FBR and Sindh Revenue Board. Specified business need to register with Sales tax authorities to avoid higher taxation rates and dis allowance of certain input tax credits applicable for filer only and to avail many other benefits. We provide sale tax registration and monthly sales tax return filling services to sole proprietors, partnership-firms and Companies.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual properties such as trademarks, copyrights, patents are an asset for a business organization that need to be secured from unauthorized use by any external party by registering them with appropriate authorities.  We help businesses to secure its intellectual properties by registering their trade mark, copyrights, and Patents with relevant authorities to secure the business assets.

Trade Mark registration

Trade mark protection an essential component of any business we provide timely cost-effective and professional trademark registration services at your fingertips.

Copy right registration

We help you to register your work and provide you most comprehensive suite of copyright.

Patent Registration

We offer patent registration services to our clients such as registration, renewal and restoration of patents.

Valuation Services

Our valuation services includes a wide range of services that includes determining value of assets by Professional and certified staff, tagging of assets and preparation of fixed assets registers.

Valuation of asset

Valuation is determining the present value of business asset. valuation are needed for many reasons such as investment analysis, merger and acquisition transactions, financial reporting, valuation of current assets improper ties for loan collateral. We provide sophisticated, impartial valuation and appraisal services in Pakistan


Fixed asset tagging and verification

Having fixed assets tagged enables on the go and immediate identification and control of business assets. We provide a variety of economical option for meeting the assets tagging requirements as per the business needs.

Preparing fixed Asset register

Fixed assets register serves the management with an ideal tool for managing its fixed assets inventory. Our team have all the expertise for preparing the fixed assets register.

Assurance services

We are committed to provide quality assurance services to Sole proprietors, Partnership entities and companies our services include.

External Audit

Performing statutory audits, special audits and interim reviews of the business financial information to provide opinion / conclusion over the fairness of the affairs of the business and identify and suggest need for improvement through management letters and other information addressed to the management.

Internal Audit

Internal audit provide effectiveness, quality and improvement in organization’s operations, we help organizations to achieve its objectives and goal though our experienced staff.They assist you in all areas for assessing the management performance in procurement, manufacturing, sales and delivery, accounting and finance and other areas.

Certification in relation to SECP, FBR and other regulatory organization

Company certificate for different subject matters such as Remittance of dividend to non residence share holders, remittance of royalty and technical service fee,CDC Certification, breakup value/ paid-up capital certification and other certification for onward submission to relevant authorities such as SECP, SBP,FBR Other authorities.

Consulting services

We provide Transaction and financial advisory services and management advisory service to help organizations to improve their performance and efficiency.

Transaction and financial Advisory services

We assist you in designing an appropriate organizational structure and preparing excellent financial policies and procedures.

Due Diligence

Due diligence, and investigative and research support to organizations and guides a company in the right direction in complex corporate disputes.Our dedicated team comprises of commercial and market due diligence experts who advise corporate and private equity clients on their investment and acquisition strategies.

Feasibility Studies

We offer strategic plans and feasibility studies your business. We assist you in Feasibility planning for merger acquisition, feasibility planning for Listing.

Business Valuation

We lead experiences Business Valuation Team, who has considerable experience valuing businesses of various sizes and complexities; from sole traders to multinationals.

Financial Modeling

Our team comprises of experienced researchers and analysts in Financial Modeling who have delivered hundreds of models for Investment Research, Fixed Income, and Project Finance.

Wealth Management

We provide services to maximize wealth through efficient wealth management by analyzing portfolios and profitability options thereby optimizing return on investments.

Actuarial Valuation

Actuarial valuation of gratuity and pension fund to

Management consulting service

Policies & Procedures Manual

We help in preparation and review of various policies manual such as Finance and accounting, HR management, Ethics, procurement and other  inline with the corporate objectives for consistency in the business practices.

Business Planning

Enabling success of our clients by proving guidance in proper planning of business that includes choosing the right product and business, target market and customers, suitable marketing strategies, right team, right pricing policies, ride mode of entry into the market, right organization (sole, partner, company).

Change Management & Restructuring

Every business needs to make changes in its processes, formulas, strategies with the passage of time to meet the market dynamics and remain in the competition. We provide services for identifying the areas for improvements, that needs to be changed and suitable reorganization of the business with the industry dynamics to compete and lead in the market.

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