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Business Advisory

    Business Advisory Services

    One of the primary roles that Salman & Raheel Chartered Accountant (SRCA) Business Advisory Services team focuses on is to help entrepreneurial clients achieve their financial goals and prosper.

    We know that clients are under constant pressure to make operational decisions with financial and tax implications, so our expertise is aimed at providing reassurance and accessibility.

    For many clients, focusing their time and attention on strategic planning to establish and grow their business often takes a back seat to addressing day to day needs. Our Business Advisory team helps to bring clarity and prioritization to this process.

    1- Transaction and financial Advisory services

    Buyers want to be sure to make the right acquisition – anticipate the risks and issues that may arise.

    It’s important to analyze and validate the financial, operational and strategic assumptions you’re making about the transaction through an objective due diligence process.

    Before a transaction is considered, a buyer needs independent help to pre-formulate an idea of how to best negotiate and structure the ideal transaction. This assistance followed by a well-conducted due diligence process encompassing financial, information systems and tax analysis should reveal both the risks and opportunities of a potential transaction.

    We bring together transaction support specialists, in addition to professionals from our assurance, tax and information technology areas to provide comprehensive support assistance for your transaction. We work intimately with our client’s attorneys and other advisors to devise cost-effective tax structuring alternatives, and to serve clients throughout the transaction process.

    On the basis of area we have divided our services on following two levels;

    i- Buy-Side Services

    Experienced SRCA professionals identify key elements that help you and your investors with all financial and tax due diligence matters, so that you understand and manage the value and risk throughout the transaction. We work closely with your legal and operational advisors to ensure fluid communications for a timely, secure closing to your deal.

    SRCA blends the financial and tax with the legal elements of the transaction to ensure that you capture and maintain the anticipated value. We implement the insightful ideas identified during due diligence that help your business gain a competitive advantage.

    Our audit and tax experience enables us to proactively advise newly acquired portfolio companies in their day-to-day operations. Post transaction, we can help with purchase accounting and opening balance sheet issues. We can also assist investors in divesting portfolio companies to realize maximum returns on their investments.

    Our process prevents unanticipated surprises during buyer due diligence and includes:

    • Financial & Tax Due Diligence
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Post Transaction Integration
    • Fair Market Value Decisions to Buy or Merge Businesses
    • Ownership Shifts
    • Pass-Through Entity Buyouts, Dissolutions & Terminations

    ii- Sell-Side Services

    When the time is right to sell, we also perform sell-side due diligence to help you prepare for a sale. SRCA transaction tax specialists analyze your tax position and identify how to best maximize the post-tax transaction value that you and your investors ultimately realize in selling your business. SRCA experienced transaction professionals discreetly and seamlessly inquire, gather, assemble and organize the information critical to presenting your business to potential buyers.

    Our process prevents unanticipated surprises during seller due diligence and includes:

    • Divestitures & Spin-Offs or Split-Ups
    • Ideal Transaction Tax Structuring
    • Data Room Information Preparation
    • Fair Market Value Decisions to Sell or Merge Businesses
    • Ownership Shifts
    • Pass-Through Entity Buyouts, Dissolutions & Terminations

    Through our rigorous, yet discreet, due diligence process and ability to address financial, tax and post-transaction integration issues, we help sellers complete transactions efficiently and effectively while protecting their interests. Ultimately, we provide national firm level of service and experience at a large local firm value

    2- Management consultancy service

    The goal of this service is to maximize customer’s Return on Investments (ROI) by determining his strategic priorities and optimizing his business processes.

    SRCA consultants, who have an in-depth knowledge of the industry verticals, provide consulting services that help customers with meeting the new challenges faced by an ever changing marketplace. The consulting service proposes the optimum solution after considering the constraints and objectives of the business. Proposals may include enhanced business processes, new application development and selection of a new third party product and/or enhancements / modifications to the existing systems.

    i- Policies & Procedures Manual

    Sound policies and procedures are key elements to consistency throughout your company. If you are having difficulty creating a user-friendly policy manual, or keeping on top of updates, consider utilizing Astute’s policy manual preparation services.

    While it is a necessity to have policies and procedures in place in your organization, your company is unique and thus requires a unique approach to its operation manuals. Using a standard set of policies to implement in your company can prove ineffective and even damaging and destructive to your company.

    Our policies and procedures preparation services are developed around your company’s own reviewed and amended procedures and culture to ensure that it fits in well with the employees and the company’s work culture. We will work together with you and the policy makers of the company to pen down the precise nature of your business processes and present it in a well-planned, tested, reviewed and amended business process document which can be followed and understood by all level employees.

    We provide a complete solution to clients’ policies and procedures needs, including the following:

    • Developing customized and tailor made policies and procedures
    • Developing manual perceived from end user’s perspective
    • Minimizing usage of technical jargons
    • Using illustrations, graphics or images wherever required for better understanding
    • User friendly navigation theme including cross referencing
    • Developing manuals in a coherent and standardized manner.

    ii- Change Management & Restructuring

    Every business needs to make changes in its processes, formulas, strategies with the passage of time to meet the market dynamics and remain in the competition. We provide services for identifying the areas for improvements, that needs to be changed and suitable reorganization of the business with the industry dynamics to compete and lead in the market.